United Way of the Greater Triangle proudly presents its 2024 National Volunteer Week theme “Nourishing Communities through Action.” This week-long event is dedicated to fostering awareness and understanding about food access, insecurity, and dignity within the Triangle region.

Our objective is clear: to empower individuals to support their communities by decentering themselves as volunteers and instead, centering the organizations and people within the communities they serve.

In the spirit of National Volunteer Week we will have opportunities leading up to and during the week of April 21st. Volunteers will engage in a variety of activities designed to promote dialogue, education, and action around food-related issues. From community discussions and educational workshops to hands-on volunteering opportunities, participants will have the chance to learn, connect, and make a meaningful impact.

Together, we can nourish our communities and build a future where everyone has access to nutritious food and the dignity they deserve. Join us for National Volunteer Week 2024 and be a part of the movement for change.