Our Purpose:  Real Solutions, Sparked by a Community United for Transformative Change

The Triangle region, nationally ranked as “America’s Best City,” “Best Mid-sized Cities for jobs,” “Top 10 Places to Live,” and “Top 10 Happiest Metro Areas” faces invisible issues – hunger, poverty, and educational disparity.

Although Raleigh is Forbes #2 Best Place for Business and Careers, it ranks 94th in social mobility. When the potential for children to move out of poverty into the middle class is negligible, the consequences touch not only the daily lives of vulnerable families, but the economic future of the Triangle area as well. This is an urgent call-to-action.


We can and must do more to transform lives and improve our communities.

In response, United Way of the Greater Triangle is:

Building Collaborations: Deepening our impact by working collaboratively with nonprofit agency and community partners

Encouraging Involvement: Increasing corporate and individual engagement in our community’s social issues and solutions

Investing Differently: Fundraising and leveraging investments for our collective work

Embracing the Innovative Spirit of the Triangle: Seeking and investing in innovative approaches through Social Innovation Challenges and sourcing social entrepreneurs.

Raising Awareness: Working to be a catalyst for community change.


Other communities and their United Ways are achieving new levels of progress with this focused, collaborative approach. We recognize we cannot create change alone. We are committed to mobilizing the caring power of our community and fueling the innovative spirit of the Triangle that has helped this region grow. We believe that together we all can create a powerful force for change and a legacy of achievement for generations to come.