UWGT identifies Equity in Leadership as a strategic pillar and creates 10 To Watch program

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  • The organization’s final investment pillars, presented by staff and approved by the Board of Directors, will guide the shape of investments and partnerships in the future.
  • As part of its commitment to Equity in Leadership, UWGT commits to track and share racial and gender demographic data of internal and partner organization boards, executive leadership, and staff.
  • A re-examination of the organization’s funding portfolio shows:
    • 80% of people served are POC but less than 20% of nonprofits are led by POC.
    • Male-led organizations hold 3x the assets of female-led organizations.
  • These disparities lead to the creation of 10 to Watch, which promises:
    • Specific funds for nonprofit leaders who are Black, LatinX, and/or Woman ($500K total investment over two years)
  • Provides dollars, leadership development training, and access to UWGT networks