Roger Kemble

  • Company / Agency:

    President - Kemble Advisors LLC

Dr. Roger Kemble is President of Kemble Advisors LLC and serves on the board of directors and/or advisory boards of AgBiome LLC, AgriMetis LLC, AgTech Accelerator Corp, Boragen Inc, GroundTruth Ag Inc and Vindara Inc. Dr Kemble served in a number of leadership roles for Syngenta including President of Syngenta Biotechnology Inc., Global Head of Crop Genetics Research and Global Head of Technology Strategy and Integration from 2002, retiring in 2012. Prior to this, he held management positions at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a DuPont Company (1991-2002), Allelix Crop Technologies and Allelix Inc (1983-1991). In parallel he had an academic career as professor at the University of Toronto with an adjunct professorship at the University of Waterloo, after an assistant professorship at Kansas State University. Dr Kemble conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Florida and the Plant Breeding Institute, Cambridge, UK following receipt of a PH.D. degree from King's College, University of London.