Nick Allen

Chief Program Officer
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Nick Allen is the Chief Program Officer for the United Way of the Greater Triangle; a role that includes managing the strategies and execution of: philanthropic storytelling, transformative community engagement and multi-million dollar impact investments across a four county region.  Prior to joining the United Way, 15+ years of experience in youth development and community organizing has left Nick with the belief that community centered approaches rooted in racial equity are the key ingredients to significant, positive changes in the Triangle community.  A creative thinker and a practical doer, Nick brings radical re-imagination and bold vision influenced by both statistical data and lived experiences of those we serve, to his work. Nick and his wife Nicky are raising their only daughter, Audrey Rose, to love fearlessly, live passionately and eat well.  Born and raised in Baltimore, Durham, NC is now home.  Nick is also a Tar Heel, a house renovator, a farmer and a chef.