Joy Spencer

Joy Spencer is a proud mother and lifelong advocate committed to achieving equity and authentic community engagement.  She is driven by passion and knows firsthand the life-saving impact of community-led services and supports.

She is involved with several organizations, commissions and coalitions that empower communities through direct service, education and advocacy.  Joy is a Black Parent Researcher, Goodmon Fellow and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Psychology.  Joy is the Executive Director of Equity Before Birth (EBB), a Black maternal health charity organization working to eliminate disparities and improve birth outcomes by promoting financial security.

Celebrating its first year of operation, Equity Before Birth has sponsored over 60 birthing people by providing paid parental leave, covering the cost of perinatal support services and giving direct cash assistance for essential baby items. EBB’s direct support model promotes autonomy, empowerment and collaboration.   Eliminating financial barriers improves pregnancy and birth experiences, enhancing a family’s ability to thrive.

Team Information

 Executive Director