Jamaica Gilmer

Jamaica Gilmer is a brilliant example of dreams realized, translated and carried out in real life. Her work as a documentarian is rooted in capturing representations of Blackness, and cultivating spaces where women and girls are the authority over their own narratives. She is a photographer and storyteller who uses the camera to capture vignettes of realities that are often overlooked and misunderstood. A graduate of Howard University’s John H. Johnson School of Communications, Jamaica helms The Beautiful Projects’ curating and organizing efforts in partnership with families, organizations, and institutions. When she is not behind the camera she takes every opportunity to enjoy her longtime sweetheart and their sweet baby boys. She is also a speaker, informing and sharing insight across the nation as a guest lecturer, keynote, and panelist.  Jamaica is passionate, bold, and one to watch as a champion for Black girls everywhere.

Team Information

 Founder & Co-Director
 Website: www.thebeautifulproject.org