Chuck Purvis

Governance & Nominating Committee Chair
  • Company / Agency:

    President and CEO - Coastal Credit Union

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Coastal Credit Union, Chuck is responsible for providing executive leadership to all operating divisions at Coastal, and leads the Senior Management Team. Chuck joined Coast in May 2001 and became President/ CEO on July 1, 2012. Coastal is a $2.8 billion credit union that serves over 230,000 members. Chuck is also the former Chairman of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF). He was a member of the Board of NCUF from 1995 to 2007. Chuck was the champion of the Community Investment Fund (CIF), a family of funds that reached $350 million in investments, resulting in significant increases in grants from NCUF. Chuck serves as a Board Member and as Vice Chair of the United Way of the Greater Triangle, a Board Member and Treasurer of CO-OP Financial Services, a Director of BEST NC, a Board Member of Credit Union Director Corporation, and as Chairman of Members Development Corporation. He was a co-inventor of uGenius Personal Teller Machine concept, and has led Coastal’s efforts to use this technology to centralize teller operations and expand service hours. He was also a co-inventor of a digital services platform, which has been launched through a new company named Constellation Digital Partners, LLC. The patented digital services platform works as an open development platform that allows FinTech companies to integrate directly with credit unions’ core systems, allowing the creation of an endless number of new self-service opportunities for members.