Data & Publications

Success in Changing Generations

Fostering Youth participant working to develop technical skills

Youth Success 

  • 60% of youth served make positive life choices

Early Childhood Success

  • 85% of the families had children prepared for school
  • 78% of the parents increased their involvement in children's success

Stable Homes

  • 89% of adults in households had the education needed to improve their income
  • 71% of the adults in households increased their income
  • 74% of households have safe and stable housing
  • 88% of families have children free of abuse and neglect

Success in basic needs - people receive services

  • 9,000 individuals who were uninsured or under-insured accessed health care
  • 24,000 vulnerable people remained safe and independent
  • 4,700 maintained or moved into housing
  • 254,000 individuals received food
  • 2.4 million pounds of food was delivered
  • 4.6 million meals were served

Annual Report

Poverty In the Triangle

Self-Sufficiency Standard

Community Action Plan