Role: Manager, Financial Data

About United Way of the Greater Triangle:

With a bold vision to eradicate poverty and increase social mobility through the power of partnerships, United Way of the Greater Triangle (UWGT) is seeking a leader with acute attention to detail, outstanding technical skills, belief in our mission, a learning orientation and strength in communicating to a variety of audiences with varying technical skills to help us reach our regional vision and mission. This role requires a justice-forward approach to all that you do, a high-performing and highly accountable work orientation, enthusiasm for what’s possible, optimism about what’s next, and a passion for leveraging your skills to make a positive impact in your community.

Position Overview: 

Reporting to the Controller, the Manager, Financial Data is responsible for accounts receivable and assisting with accounts payable, payment distribution, allocation and accuracy. The Manager, Financial Data sees strong financial management through a customer service lens, leveraging strong communication skills to execute on effective donor and database management. This role is charged with effective intrateam communication and reporting as well as communication and reporting with United Way Worldwide for various financial purposes. This role backs up other team functions, maintains records and helps to interface between our Salesforce and ANDAR systems. This role is the glue and the conduit. Keen eyes, attention to detail, and customer service are essential. Team player, problem-solver, and appetite for learning are musts. 

The Manager, Financial Data sits on the Finance team (whose core responsibility is to steward the abundant time, talent and monetary resources of the Triangle towards impacts that eradicate poverty and increase social mobility) alongside two other finance staff members, the Manager and Senior Manager of Operations and Finance. This role also works closely and collaboratively with the Philanthropy and Data and Operations teams.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Interface between Salesforce and ANDAR, our fundraising campaign database management software
  • Maintain accuracy of databases
  • Comfort and skill at customer service oriented communication with donors to ensure database accuracy 
  • Manage payment of monthly allocations to agencies 
  • Manage, execute and support the campaign designation payout process
  • Post all receipts from electronic sources (bank transfers, website donations) accurately.  
  • Backup accounting in recording cash/check receipts. 
  • Maintain records of pledges, billing and receipts for audit support. 
  • Manage communication with other United Ways regarding campaign processes and status
  • Laterally work with other Philanthropy and Data and Operations teams to ensure data integrity and accuracy 
  • Be a cultural steward of UWGT, living our values and modeling authentic leadership

What would the work look like in the first 90 days?

  • You’d spend your onboarding getting to know our teams, people, databases and systems
  • You’d get to know yourself and how you and your work fit into the bigger picture of what we’re up to at United Way of the Greater Triangle
  • You’d situate today within the context of a calendar year at United Way, creating plans and pathways to meet deliverables, deadlines and goals
  • You’d engage in all-team learning on justice and equity.
  • You’d learn and process a lot of new information and take the time to reflect and integrate it into your process. You’d learn our databases and systems and how to use them efficiently and effectively. 
  • You’d build a strong, trusting relationship with your manager and team.
  • You’d align on expectations with your manager.
  • You’d know your role in campaign management, monitoring revenue, donations, contributions, database entry, allocation process, ACH transactions 

Required competencies:

  • You’re passionate about the mission, vision and values of the United Way of the Greater Triangle. You understand what we’re up to and are an effective and passionate brand steward. You see your work as an extension and expression of our values. 
  • You have a keen eye for details. You can see errors and solve them quickly. You take your time and honor your process for getting to low error rates. Spotless data gets your heart pumping. 
  • You can process a lot of information at a time. You like input. You crave all the information that databases can give and see how the strength and accuracy of the information in them can help us reach our ultimate vision and mission. You love spreadsheets and have advanced skill in using them.
  • You love learning. You take in new information and apply it. You seek and give feedback regularly and new things, methods and systems excite you. You pace your learning so that the work is sustainable. 
  • You’re an effective communicator. You know who you are and speak authentically. You make space to hear others from a variety of backgrounds, not just your own. You listen to others intently. 
  • You’re a dynamite executor. You get the work done. You can define a plan, execute on it and iterate it to make it better over time. You put plans in motion and monitor their progress. Your projects come to life with ease and action. 
  • You’re committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity. You examine and work to mitigate your own biases and support the growth and maintenance of an inclusive, anti-racist culture at United Way of the Greater Triangle. 

Other Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent relevant experience 
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office products, especially Excel
  • *Don’t have all the reqs but are passionate about our mission? We still want you to apply. 

Salary range for this role: $60K with a competitive benefits package and the ability to work remotely through COVID-19 and a flexible work environment following.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) Vision Statement:  We are committed to becoming a collaborative and inclusive organization that strives for equity and equal opportunity in all we do in order to be a catalyst for change in our community. We will work to create a welcoming environment for all; enable success for all; work constantly toward fairness, civility, and respect for all; and honor the rich mosaic of voices both within our United Way and in the Greater Triangle.

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