Volunteer Opportunities Exclusively for IBM Team Members:

Take The Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge

Nationally and throughout the Triangle, our communities have been engaged in conversations around racial equity and justice. Now is the time to commit ourselves to doing the work needed to achieve a deeper understanding of the role that race and systemic racism play in society. Join United Way of the Greater Triangle for a Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge starting February 1. The challenge is designed to take individuals on a self-guided journey of learning and discovery to build new understandings around connections to the issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership.

Become a Volunteer Reader

Every other year, United Way opens applications for funding that will help determine which nonprofit organizations we fund over the following two years. To ensure that decisions are made through a community-driven process, we are seeking 300 volunteers to read and grade applications on a provided rubric. This 100% virtual volunteering opportunity is a critical part of the change you support through United Way.