Why Give?

Teacher and student sharing child’s work with her mom at kindergarten readiness camp

By making a donation to this year’s Campaign, you are supporting transformative work that will not only equip parents and children in the Triangle with the skills and resources necessary to succeed, but ultimately we’ll be Changing Generations right here in the Triangle.

When you give to United Way, you’re supporting:

  • Collaborative work that puts families at the center of services
  • A two-generational approach that works with children and their families that has proven results in other communities
  • Funding that encourages nonprofits to work together and leverages your dollars by creating more efficiencies
  • An investment in the needs of vulnerable families today and the tools for them to succeed in the future.

We could not do this work without your support.

Please consider the following ways of staying involved with United Way:

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After all, transformation will take the involvement of each of us so if you wish to do more, there are many ways–from hands-on volunteering and sharing your professional skills to learning more about the issues and sharing on your social media networks.