Corporate Engagement

Being a good corporate citizen is important for your brand, for attracting and retaining high quality employees and for building employee morale. We can help you fulfill these goals with a diverse menu of volunteer and engagement opportunities.

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How It Can Work

One of our most recent partners, a large technology company, was seeking ways to provide the purpose-driven employment experience necessary to attract, retain, and professionally develop their people. We partnered with them through uniquely tying performance (KPIs) to solving one of the Triangle’s most challenging social issues (ending childhood hunger). Social problem-solving not only refines professional skills, it also appeals to employees’ personal desire to connect to the community in a meaningful way. Employee satisfaction, motivation, sense of purpose, and company loyalty increased through this engagement experience. Click here to read about it.

We’re working with companies large and small to:

  • Engage interns in community projects so they experience the entire culture of the company and have additional opportunities for professional development,
  • Use their social media platforms to raise awareness of issues and their company’s involvement in addressing them,
  • Encourage participation of cross-functional groups of employees as business mentors, and
  • Support meaningful connections among employee resource groups about what matters most to them (Finding your Purpose, Diversity Equity and Inclusion)

Learning Opportunities

Syngenta employees participate in the Changemaker Challenge to better understand issues faced by families. Photo credit: Sivamani Elumalai

What does collaboration look like?  How does it help?  What difference can I make?  United Way of the Greater Triangle’s learning opportunities address these questions and many more to give you and your company a better understanding of the current community and United Way’s work within it.  You’ll also leave with practical ways to stay involved in community work.

  • SPARC Conversations: These fast-paced, interactive sessions explore what it means to put families at the center of services as agencies work collaboratively to address issues like homelessness and financial instability…and you’ll learn what impact your involvement can have in our community.
  • Lunch & Learn: Lunch and Learns provide a deeper look at the issues like education, equity, and access affecting families in the Triangle, and the new ideas being used to address them.  Topics can be tailored to fit the specific interests of your company.
  • Housing Provider Simulation: Your team has the chance to role-play as the parts of the housing system.  Watch as the decisions you make have real consequences on the lives of families. Learn more.
  • Poverty Simulation: While all of us feel the impact of a tough economy, the Poverty Simulation provides an opportunity to experience the challenges of living in poverty.  The simulation reflects the struggles of one month in a low income household.  The simulation helps participants understand life stressors and the importance of community partnerships in improving the financial stability of families. Learn more.


We cannot create change alone. We invite you to increase your impact by becoming a sponsor with United Way of the Greater Triangle (UWGT). UWGT’s sponsorship packages offer a very unique blend of recognition, employee engagement and direct impact on our local community.

Direct community impact is one of the main differentiators of our sponsorship package. Frequently, nonprofit events are fundraisers;  ours are designed primarily as engagement and service opportunities, allowing your employees to deepen their understanding of needs in our community.

MLK Day of Service, Day of Action, Day of Caring, and other events of ours, have a direct impact on our collaborative partners and their clients in our area. These events include creating products and kits that are donated to our agency partners, or involve direct volunteerism at an agency to support their collaborative work.

Volunteer group at MLK Day of Service

Advantages of Sponsorship

  • Flexibility: Sponsorship levels have options to best meet the needs of our corporate partners.
  • Association with the Triangle’s Largest Philanthropic Brand: With a large network of community, corporate and media partners, the reach and recognition potential with this sponsorship package is significant.
  • Volunteerism: Since it is event based, employees have many opportunities to engage and learn more about social issues.
  • Ability to Stay Involved: We provide additional opportunities for people to understand and lend their expertise to help solve issues facing our community. These could include (but are not limited to) a Lunch & Learn, a simulation that demonstrates the integration and complexity of the housing system and why collaboration is important, or an in-house volunteer project for people to make an impact in as little as an hour.

To meet your corporate social responsibility goals, we’ve packaged events that focus on issues of Youth Success, Early Childhood Success and Stable Homes. Please consider which event(s) work best for your recognition and/or employee engagement goals.

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