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Important Information for Leadership Level Givers:
This year, the Campaign is offering a “Grand Prize” raffle for associates who give at the Leadership Level (i.e., a pledge of $1,000 or more). This will be in addition to the raffle items below. Associates who contributed at the Leadership level will receive instructions later in the Campaign on how to enter for this raffle.

*Under IRS regulations, the value of prizes awarded by an employer are considered a taxable fringe benefit. You are responsible for the tax on the prize you may win, which includes any item valued above $25 and all items such as gift cards, regardless of the value. If you elect to keep the prize, it will be taxed at supplemental withholding rates and both the prize value and taxes withheld will be included in your 2021 W-2. You will see the tax impact on your last paycheck in November (11/26/21 for biweekly and 11/30/21 for monthly).