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REI Groundwater Basic Training (Virtual Sessions)

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The Racial Equity Institute presents a virtual version of their “Groundwater” training.

The Groundwater metaphor is designed to help participants internalize the reality that we live in a racially structured society, and that that is what causes racial inequity. The metaphor is based on three observations:

  • Racial inequity looks the same across systems;
  • Socio-economic difference does not explain the racial inequity; and
  • Inequities are caused by systems, regardless of people’s culture or behavior.

Embracing these truths helps leaders confront the reality that all our systems, institutions, and outcomes emanate from the racial hierarchy on which the United States was built. In other words, we have a “groundwater” problem, and we need “groundwater” solutions.

Starting from there, we begin to unlock transformative change

This virtual workshop is conducted via Zoom, and participant count is capped at a firm 100 per presentation.

Only one participant per registration. Multiple people cannot share a screen.

REI will send the Zoom links to the training host 3-5 days before the training date.


April 19, 2023
9:00 am - 12:00 pm