We Fund Nonprofits Through Three Pillars:

Impact Investing

Eradicating poverty will take a combination of short-term solutions and systemic change. That's why we're providing the emergency support (Rapid Response Fund) residents need to overcome a crisis alongside the long-term support (Anti-Racism Community Fund) that communities need to break the barriers built to keep residents down.

Justice-Oriented Storytelling

Data isn't enough to shift our community's consciousness from one that simply supports eradicating poverty to one that understands how people end up in poverty and the barriers designed to keep them there. Using a justice-focused approach to storytelling, we're connecting local nonprofits with the community narrative and putting the power of the stories back into the hands of the individuals experiencing the challenges.

Operationalizing Equity

What does equity look like in operation? We've created a model that analyzes where companies fall on the charity to justice spectrum and can give Triangle employees the opportunity engage in their communities in ways that matter.