Requirements For Funding Requests:

The Durham One Fund (DOF) was established for the purpose of collecting donations to be used solely for the support of nonprofit organizations, local government, and public serving organizations supporting Durham County residents in response to loss, injury, displacement, disruption, and/or other impacts from natural disaster and/or other events deemed to require relief and response funding.


The DOF Committee is comprised of nonprofits, local government, and community leaders who work in and/or serve Durham County. This Committee is responsible for making funding recommendations through a rigorous needs assessment, request, and evaluation process specifically designed to respond to the qualifying crisis. Members of the Committee include: United Way of the Greater Triangle, Triangle Community Foundation, City of Durham, Durham County Government, Downtown Durham Inc., and the Durham Chamber of Commerce.


Purpose: This Request for Proposals is established to support the unfunded efforts that served displaced families from McDougald Terrace due to unhealthy living conditions and/or elevated CO2 levels.


Service Time Period: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Qualifying Organizations: Nonprofit, government, and public-serving organizations who have served/will serve residents during the qualifying time period are welcomed to apply.  Organizations should also:


  • Have an active 501(c)(3) standing, or other qualifying status, with the IRS.
  • Be able to submit the previous year’s 990 or qualifying financial statement upon request.
  • Have actively coordinated with a principal organizing body (McDougald Terrace Resident Council and/or Durham Housing Authority) to serve unmet needs of displaced residents from McDougald Terrace.


Qualifying Services:  Below are the most likely ways that organizations have served during this crisis. Applicants are not limited to the services and examples listed below. Applicants are able to request funds for products, staff time, and other essential costs associated with the described support.


  • Provided tangible, basic needs products to displaced residents. (please note you might be asked to submit receipts and/or invoices)
    • For example: food, hygiene products, clothing, baby products, etc.
  • Provided direct service programming to displaced residents.
    • For example: community organizing and logistics supports, mental health services, child care/youth development programming, etc.


Funding:  The Durham One Fund will accept funding requests of up to $7,500 for services and/or products rendered during the qualifying time period. Due to limited resources and decision-making priorities, the Durham One Fund will have to make difficult funding decisions.  All efforts will be made to support organizations at the full funding amount requested. In some cases, partial or no award will be made based on the evaluation criteria and funding priorities set forth by the Committee.


  • Applications are due Monday, March 9, 2020.
  • The Durham One Fund Committee will convene and notify all applicants of its decision by Monday, March 16, 2020.
  • Once funding decisions have been made, funding will be disbursed as soon as possible. Organizations must have the ability to accept electronic fund transfers and have submitted the proper paper work to facilitate allocation.


Funding Priorities: The following are the evaluation criteria the Committee will use to making funding decisions.


  • Served displaced residents during the qualifying time period
  • Demonstrated understanding of needs prior to service delivery
  • Demonstrated coordination with principal organizing body during service delivery (Durham Housing Authority or McDougald Resident Council)
  • Able to demonstrate/describe impacts achieved (people served, quality of services, itemized valuation of products provided, etc.)
  • No additional funding sources for the goods and services described in the application


For questions about the Durham One Fund, please contact: