Day of Action 2023

Every year, thousands of people across the globe take action to improve their communities by volunteering during United Way’s annual Day of Action. Join us on June 21 to support United Way and the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC. This is a hands-on experience.

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The Triangle is home to incredible nonprofits that aren’t just working to ensure all families have access to enough food options, they’re also providing the dignity that comes with choosing the food that each family wants to eat.

Fast Facts

◉ According to the NC Justice Center, nearly 590,000 households in North Carolina do not have enough food to eat each day.

◉ 191,760 of those people are in the Triangle.

◉ 27.3% of children in the Triangle are suffering from hunger right now.

◉ North Carolina has the 10th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation.

◉ When a family is “food insecure,” it means that not every family member has access to healthy and nutritious food choices to support an active and healthy lifestyle. When families experience food insecurity, they often must make difficult choices about the quality and amounts of food they are able to provide.

Have questions? Contact Allyson Cobb, United Way’s Director, Community Engagement.