Changing Generations: Getting Families to YES

A mother and son hug at a kindergarten readiness camp graduation in Orange County

With a two-generational approach, the goal is to move vulnerable families toward educational success, economic security, and family well-being; it has a proven track record through the Harlem Children’s Zone, the Ascend Network, and in other communities around the nation. This work seeks to establish economic security for adults, household stability for the family and an environment that supports healthy, educated children.

And, this new way of working is achieving results. More families are in their own homes. More children are prepared for school. Fewer kids are worried about being hungry because parents are employed.

One of the collaborative partners observed, “If a family doesn’t believe there’s hope, it’s tough to succeed. And this is true about the whole family – not just the kids, not just the adults. With hope, their inner resources kick back in. Our collaborative work is giving them hope.”

That’s what changing generations is all about.

Community members learn about the work of our partners at the Collaboration in Motion tour

Too many families in the Triangle are used to hearing "No."

  • "NO. You aren't qualified for this job."

  • "NO. Your child isn't doing well in school."

  • "NO. We don't have a home you can afford."


Let's get to YES.  YES is what families need to be self-sufficient and thrive.

  • Y – Youth Success,

  • E – Early Childhood Success, and

  • S – Stable Homes.

Can you help struggling families in our community? YES.

Your gift to United Way of the Greater Triangle helps families get to the YES they so desperately need.