Choice #2: Speech Therapy

Michelle’s son Joseph (3) is experiencing a severe speech delay and greatly benefits from in-person speech therapy paid for by the IEP he has through the county public school system. An “IEP” is an Individualized Education Program and lays out the special education instruction, supports, and services a student needs to thrive in school.

Joseph really enjoys spending time with his therapist and has built his vocabulary from no words to more than 20! Michelle is very proud. 

Unfortunately the speech therapist switched to only offering virtual sessions when the pandemic hit and while Michelle is grateful for the option, it’s clear that Joseph isn’t learning like he once was.

Hiring a private therapist is $50 per visit but Michelle found a nonprofit that will pay for half. She’d like for Joseph to keep receiving therapy once per week so he doesn’t fall further behind his peers. But despite the discount, $25 per visit ($100 per month) is not something that Michelle has on hand so she’s exploring other options.

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Continue speech therapy virtually

Get a second job to help pay for the private sessions.

Try to teach Joseph herself