Choice #2: Basketball Shoes

Joshua’s son Caleb (11) plays basketball for his school. It provides a valuable outlet for his energy and the after-school practices provide Joshua with some freedom to schedule his work around the school day.

11-year-olds outgrow shoes quickly. Caleb needs new basketball shoes because while his most recent pair are just a few months old, they are already showing signs of serious wear.

To replace them with a new pair that will get him through the semester, Joshua will need to spend $100 (which includes the cost of shoes and transportation to and from the store).

An extra $100 is not something Joshua has on hand. How will he help his son get the shoes he needs to be able to stay on the basketball team? Click on an image to make a choice.

A little bit of glue, a little bit of tape. No one can tell at first glance that they are falling apart.

You have enough money available to easily afford a used pair of sneakers. They might not fit as well but they look fine.

But what bill goes unpaid this month?