Choice #2: Redefining Family Dynamics

Although Clara is a terrific grandmother, it has been a long time since she played the role of “mother.” She has long interacted with her grandchildren as grandmothers do – visiting them on holidays, babysitting at their mother’s home, and occasionally picking them up from school. Prior to this point, the longest amount of time she’d spent alone with Andy and Cassidy was a few hours. This transition is causing emotional stress for her grandchildren and now that they’re spending all their time together, it’s creating more tensions among their newly-formed family unit. Andy and Cassidy are quick to anger and Clara doesn’t know how to make the transition from “fun grandma” to fulltime caregiver.

Clara sees that she needs to help redefine their family dynamics so that everyone feels respected, safe, and loved. She plans to start by spending more time with Andy and Cassidy but doing so means giving up a house cleaning job that will help pay the extra bills they’re facing.

What choices can Clara make? Click an image to help her make a choice.

Decline additional house cleaning shifts

Take on extra house cleaning shifts

Bring her grandchildren to clean homes with her