Andy and Cassidy are set to start at their Orange County school just weeks after moving into Clara’s home. Clara is awake one night worrying about how best to support her grandchildren when she remembers some advice her own grandmother once gave her: “When life gets tough, start with the easiest solution.” So Clara decides to do just that.

The next morning, she walks Andy and Cassidy into their new elementary school. After walking them into class, she sits down with the school guidance counselor to ask for help. The guidance counselor recommends she start by contacting Inter-Faith Council for Social Service (IFC), a United Way funded nonprofit partner in Carrboro.  

Clara stops by their office on the way home and is relieved to be met with respect. Clara shares her grandchildren’s experience with staff members and they recommend she contact Triangle Bikeworks, a United Way-funded nonprofit partner that uses long-distance cycling and mountain biking to help youth of color build confidence and connect with peers.  

After a short conversation with Kevin Hicks, the organization’s Founder, Clara is able to enroll both her grandchildren in the organization’s TYMBR Wolves mountain biking program. They begin participating in the program every weekend, where they make friends and discover a healthy outlet for their stress. Clara even volunteers when she can, making sure that snacks and drinks are set up for the kids at the end of the trails. Together, they’re intentionally creating happy memories during this tough time.