Choice #1: The Challenge of Staying in School

Michelle lives in Holly Springs, NC which is about 60 miles roundtrip from the Durham Tech campus where she attends classes to become a Registered Nurse. Her route to school and back requires her to pay tolls. She’s one year into a 2-3 year program.

In her current role as a Certified Nursing Assistant, she makes around $27,000 per year, about 10% of which goes to paying for gas so she can drive to work and school. She wants to keep going so that she can make more money and be better positioned to support her family but the pandemic is making it much harder.

She has the option to attend school in person or continue virtually. Getting to school doesn’t just give her the opportunity to use the library computers for homework, she can also visit the school’s food pantry and diaper bank to get the things that her kids desperately need. The problem is that all her kids are still learning virtually and she can’t leave them unattended. Hiring a babysitter costs money and her budget is already limited. She’s considering dropping out in order to save the little money she does have to spend.

What should Michelle do? Click an image to make a choice.

Continue classes in person

Switch to virtual classes and try to find help with food and diapers elsewhere.

Drop out and re-register after the pandemic is over