Choice #1: Supporting Andy and Cassidy Through Emotional Trauma

Moving out of their mother’s home and into Clara’s required that Andy and Cassidy change schools. Originally living in Wake County, there was no way to keep Andy and Cassidy in the elementary school they’ve grown up in. The kids have already lost access to their mother and now losing access to their friends, this extra stress is causing incredible emotional strain on both children. Clara can see that both kids are experiencing depression. 

Clara is desperate to alleviate some of the pain that her grandchildren are experiencing as a result of these sudden life changes. She wants to take them to see their friends in Wake County more regularly but with gas being so expensive lately, she really can’t afford to drive long distances. 

What should Clara do to help her grandchildren through the emotional trauma they’re experiencing? Click an image to make a choice.

Drive her grandchildren to meet their friends in Cary

Free, fun family outing

Enroll her grandchildren in extra-curricular activities