Life in 2020

After a couple of months in the motel, the Jones family gets word that their apartment received several repairs and is now inhabitable. They move back into their home.

Things are much easier with a full kitchen, enough room to store the things they use every day, and separate beds for the three of them.

Unfortunately, their area is now feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and things change for the family yet again. Joshua’s hours at work are suddenly cut in half, the kids’ schools are closed, and everything from bus schedules to shopping hours have changed. The family has been remarkable in their ability to navigate the challenges of the last few months. This time, the challenge is unseen but has real and immediate impact.

Based on everything you’ve learned about the Jones family so far, including the impact that each decision has on the next, take a moment to think about how this pandemic will present even more challenges for the family. When you’re ready to continue, click below.