At 1,000 square feet and with only two bedrooms, Clara’s home is small but it’s always worked for her needs. Andy and Cassidy currently share the second bedroom. It’s cramped but they like having their own space at night. With finances tight, Clara is exploring every possible option available to help alleviate her family’s financial instability. She’s weighed the pros and cons of taking on more house cleaning shifts and even selling her home.

It occurs to Clara that if Andy and Cassidy were to move into her room, she could feasibly rent out the second bedroom and use that monthly income to cover more of her unexpected bills. It’s not ideal, with the bedrooms already being quite small, but she decides it’s their best option.

Clara rents out her second bedroom to a local male graduate student for $500 per month. He’s friendly and keeps to himself but Clara is still wary of a stranger’s presence around her grandchildren. To maintain their safety, she also decides to start taking them to work with her whenever she can.

Andy and Cassidy continue to be overwhelmed but Clara tries to believe that this is temporary.