Andy and Cassidy desperately miss their friends in Wake County. The house cleaning company that Clara works for can assign her jobs in that area if she does decide to move. The idea is appealing for those reasons but the idea of leaving the community that she’s loved for 40+ years is gut-wrenching. Her friends are here. Her hair salon, dentist, and local grocery store are one block over. When she goes to the library, the librarians know her name. Moving doesn’t just mean finding a new home, it means finding comfort in a whole new community. Nevertheless, she decides to look around. 

Clara is shocked to find that the average monthly cost of a two-bedroom apartment in Raleigh is $2,058. She’s making less than $200 per week at her part-time house cleaning job. This option is only feasible if she uses any income made from selling her home to cover rent and utilities. She guesses that they’d be ok for another year but using that money means that retirement might never be in Clara’s foreseeable future. 

This new life circumstance is also about tough decisions and right now, Clara is desperate to find some stability for herself and her grandkids. She decides to sell her house, move to Raleigh, and worry about what the future holds at a later date.