The Bass Family: Michelle, Darius, Joseph and Elijah

Michelle Bass is a single mother to Darius (13) to Joseph (3) and Elijah (6 months). Michelle works as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Duke Healthcare System but recently went back to school at Durham Tech to become a Registered Nurse. Her two oldest kids are her biological children and in 2019, she also took custody of her niece’s son during a difficult period because she wanted the baby to grow up in a home with lots of love from people that look like him. 

Despite some challenges following a medical procedure and living 60 miles away from her school, Michelle had been able to make ends meet until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now she’s struggling to keep up with everything her family needs while working on what she knows she needs to do to excel.

Staying in school is her biggest concern because she knows that’s the best way to create a life where she and her kids never have to worry about paying bills, eating enough food, or having a safe home to live in. The school also has incredible programs that she leans on for support including a food pantry and diaper bank. 

Before the pandemic, Michelle could send her kids to school or daycare so that she could attend classes. Now with the children at home, she struggles to keep up.

What decisions will you make to help Michelle?