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If You’re Homeless in Durham, Open Table Ministry’s Free Store is the Best Kept Secret

Tuesdays and Thursdays are Free Store Day at Open Table Ministry, where homeless residents from all over Durham County make their way to the basement of the Trinity United Methodist Church to sort through donated garments, shoes, and toiletries, taking with them what they need to survive. On these days, the hallways of the worn,

Omar Obaydi’s Rise from Resettled Refugee to RISE Camp’s Cultural Broker

Omar Obaydi immigrated to the United States nearly 7 years ago but you wouldn’t know it was that recent unless he told you. Dressed in a green polo shirt and sharp slacks, Obaydi walks around with what feels like a perpetual smile. He’s both confident and approachable. That’s a good thing because in his free

Prepare for Hurricane Dorian with NC 2-1-1

Hurricane Dorian is en route to North Carolina. It’s time to start preparing. United Way of the Greater Triangle is here to help. NC 2-1-1, a United Way-funded resource, is standing by to provide emergency assistance to all North Carolina residents who might be affected by the strong storm. Here’s what you can do to

World Relief Durham’s RISE Camp is Connecting Refugee Children Around The Common Experience Of Being A Kid

It’s a hot Wednesday afternoon in the heart of summer. Outside of Jordan High School in Durham, it’s a heavy 90 degrees with rain from the previous day’s storms steaming off the blacktop. But inside the school’s cafeteria, which is closed for the summer for another two weeks, The Scrap Exchange has set up blue

Book Harvest’s Book Babies Programs Helps To Ensure Long-Term Success For Students Like David

David and his parents were referred to Book Harvest – a Durham-based nonprofit organization funded by United Way of the Greater Triangle – shortly after he was born. They were immediately introduced to the organization’s Book Babies program and promised a full menu of services that would allow David to grow up getting the information

Book Harvest’s Early Intervention Literacy Programs Create Opportunities for Parents and Kids

Sometimes early intervention literacy programs can be as beneficial for the parents as it can for their children. This was certainly the case for Jade and her mom Taquoia. Jade was one of the first kids to enroll in Book Harvest’s Book Babies program when it launched in 2013 with the promise of supporting children