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From ‘Side Hustles’ to Living-Wage Careers

“It’s incredibly important to our country that we get more people starting businesses. If you don’t own stuff in our society, you’re not a stakeholder.” Brian Hamilton is used to speaking in front of a board room and as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, he does it a lot. But on a quiet night in Durham,

After Fleeing Domestic Abuse, Tia and Her Children Were Lost. Families Moving Forward Brought Them Home

There are 2,000 people in the Greater Triangle experiencing homeless on any given night and of them, 590 live in Durham. The path home isn’t an easy one but thanks to organizations like Families Moving Forward, families in a homelessness crisis have access to emergency shelter they desperately need. Tia was one of them. She

This UNC Chapel Hill Senior Turned an Internship Experience Into a Life-Changing Donation

When Matthew Harding, a senior at UNC Chapel Hill, accepted an internship with First Citizens Bank he expected it could change his future. What he didn’t expect was that his experience would change someone else’s future too. Matthew didn’t participate in a traditional internship program. Sure, he gained real-world experience working alongside professionals in the

James Ivy Found Courage To Explore His Destiny Thanks To StepUp Ministry

James Adam Ivy Jr.’s love for cutting hair started in the era where men wore suits and ties but his skill was born out of necessity. When he couldn’t afford the high top fades that were in style, he started cutting his own. His father, who was always impeccably dressed, supported his dream. “I remember

The Center for Child and Family Health is Creating a Mentally Healthier Durham Community by Preventing and Treating Childhood Trauma

Just four minutes from downtown Durham, a two-story red brick building sits on a street corner adjacent to a food co-op and across from a Joe Van Gogh. The building, which looks like your average office building, is easy for the average resident to miss. But for the people seeking it out, it’s impossible to

Zack Hair is Surviving in Durham and He Wants You To Know It

Zack Hair is sweating. He’s standing inside of Open Table Ministry’s Free Store, checking out his deodorant options while the brisk air conditioning rains down, yet thick beads are forming on his temples, forehead, and cheeks. His shirt is sticking to his lower back and he’s slurring his words, not much but enough to notice