Collaborative Partners

One of the most exciting aspects of the two-generational approach is that many collaboratives have both funded and non-funded partners. Some are other nonprofits however, organizations like public school systems, city and county departments, a credit union and even a kids’ museum are part of the work in support of Changing Generations.

EDCI collaborative partner agencies

In September 2015, funding of the collaborative partnerships began. (We call them the “collaboratives” for short.) These collaboratives work to ensure the well-being of families by working toward early childhood and youth success, along with household stability.

This family-centric approach is a dramatically different way of working that makes sense. Consider this: If families can’t afford diapers, babies can’t go to daycare which means parents can’t work. Kids who are chronically hungry can’t concentrate in school. Parents without job skills have difficulty affording a home. These are a few of the many factors that go into any family’s health and well-being. We are working to ensure children are ready to learn and their family situations are stabilized so adults and kids begin to thrive together.

“We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for United Way. It made us stop the work for a little bit to say ‘how can we do this better’. What other agencies exist that we can partner with and do what we do stronger, better, and more efficiently?” – Sharon, More Than a Roof

And this new approach is working . . . new partnerships, new ideas, focus on family needs, and new solutions to improve social mobility and build a legacy of achievement. This is our United Way.

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