Nearly 200,000 people in our community live in poverty.

16% are children.

The Triangle ranks 95th in the nation in social mobility, which means children born into poverty, tend to stay there.

We need to do more for them NOW.

United Way of the Greater Triangle’s mission is to eradicate poverty and increase social mobility through the power of partnerships. Our strong local networks are able to maximize the resources of hundreds of corporate partners and thousands of donors to create real and lasting impact on some of our community’s toughest challenges.

In other words, your donation does more because it is matched with other individual and corporate gifts to multiply its impact.

Your donation supports United Way of the Greater Triangle in taking on the issues of homelessness, hunger, education, literacy, health and career readiness by working constantly to reach more individuals, more families, and more of our neighbors in need.

We invest in, and partner with, 85 nonprofit organizations and provide funding to another 500 organizations through the designated giving option, a commitment to reducing poverty in the Triangle, but also to connect donors with the organizations for which they have deep passions and commitment.

We employ a solution-oriented strategy by raising awareness of issues, engaging people in our work and investing in long-term, sustainable change to ultimately create better futures for children and families in our communities so they can be self-sufficient and thrive.

Children and families need you NOW.

You can make a difference.