Our Bold Approach

We make sure vulnerable children and their families matter because where you live affects how you live.

Family at Family Success Alliance Kindergarten Readiness Camp Graduation

This includes access to quality childcare, affordable housing, access to healthy food, good jobs, and overall well-being.

United Way of the Greater Triangle (UWGT) is committed to a family-centered, collaborative approach that is an effective way of working for nonprofits and for families.

Helping vulnerable children and their families reach their full potential changes their circumstances and strengthens the fabric of our community.

While we all have shared dreams for our children’s futures, for families that are struggling, their ability to make those dreams come true requires a shared commitment from us all.


Our Work

We are working collaboratively to get children and their families to YES Y- Youth success, E- Early childhood success and S- Stable homes – all are pillars for happy, healthy, and thriving families. "YES" gets families to hope, dignity, self-sufficiency, and self-respect.


How We Create Impact:  We Collaborate/Activate/Innovate

Family volunteering together at MLK Day of Service

Collaborate: United Way invests in 17 collaborative partnerships , made up of more than 50 nonprofits across four counties; UWGT team members are partners at the table, working together, putting families at the center of services.

Activate: From raising awareness of social issues  in the Triangle to a range of volunteer opportunities, United Way of the Greater Triangle is mobilizing the caring power of communities.

Innovate: Often, the people best suited to create solutions for the community are those who live and work there. United Way has activated community-based solutions  with challenges focused on addressing childhood hunger, a college challenge featuring three Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and a women's college, and an innovation challenge in Southeast Raleigh.

United Way of the Greater Triangle has a focus on inclusive innovation . . . engaging women and people of color, groups currently underrepresented in the entrepreneurial community.

The move to collaborative partnerships was also innovative – United Way of the Greater Triangle is one of the few United Ways in the nation to shift the majority of its funding to this model in a single funding cycle.