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United Way of the Greater Triangle Opens Application for Net Initiative to Address Race and Gender Disparities in Nontprofit Leadership and Organizational Revenue

On June 1, 2018, United Way of the Greater Triangle will begin accepting applications for their newest investment initiative, ’10 to Watch.’

’10 to Watch’ was created to develop the leaders and organizations who represent the future of the Triangle. During United Way’s 2016-2017 funding cycle, over 85% of individuals served were people of color. Conversely, during that same time, people of color led just 20% of the funded partner agencies. Similar disparities in leadership are evident throughout The Triangle nonprofit community across gender lines. Disparities also exist along racial and gender lines when it comes to organizational resources; on average in the Triangle, organizations led by people of color and women hold far less revenues and assets. This model places a special emphasis on ensuring nonprofit leaders of color and women, who have been historically underrepresented, develop the necessary skills and networks needed for their organizations to thrive. This initiative is about building the next generation of leadership, one that is more clearly representative of the populations served.

“It is not enough to point out inequities – as a community, we have to do something about them. ‘10 to Watch’ is the intentional action to empower marginalized leaders of color and women in the non-profit sector,” stated Nick Allen, Leader of Programs for United Way of the Greater Triangle.

United Way of the Greater Triangle has committed to investing $500,000 into the selected ‘10 to Watch’ organizations, two-year grants of $25,000 to each of ten recipients. ‘10 to Watch’ intentionally addresses disparities experienced by these underrepresented leaders by providing funding, access to professional development opportunities, technical assistance and facilitating a network of peer learning. In promoting the important work for vulnerable populations in the Triangle by leaders who are representative of the communities they serve, United Way of the Greater Triangle seeks to ensure that the nonprofit sector is diverse, inclusive and equitable.

“Strong leaders make strong communities, which is why Leadership Triangle is excited to be a part of this innovative initiative,” shared Jes Averhart, Executive Director for Leadership Triangle. “The Triangle’s quality of life and future growth depends on our ability to work across boundaries and find common ground,” she added.

Leadership Triangle has signed on to ’10 to Watch’ to lead the capacity building components of the initiative. The selected ’10 to Watch’ leaders will be part of an intensive leadership program designed by Leadership Triangle to address the gaps in effective leadership, which directly impacts organizational stability and effectiveness.

Criteria for organizational eligibility includes:

  • An annual revenue of under $1.0 M
  • Leadership by individuals who identify as a member of an underrepresented community (i.e. Black, LatinX, Women) or who are culturally representative of the communities they serve.
  • The ability to drive impact in identified United Way of the Greater Triangle organizational goals. The leader must show high potential to grow and sustain his/her organization.

The application will be available on United Way of the Greater Triangle’s website beginning on June 1, 2018 for eligible organizations. All applications are due by July 13th with the announcements of awards being made on August 10th.


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