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Teaming for Technology launches La Familia Technology Awareness Program


United Way of the Greater Triangle’s Teaming for Technology (T4T) program has formed a partnership with Univision, an American Spanish-language broadcasting TV network, to further the T4T mission of bridging the digital divide and the Univision desire to “not only to entertain but also to empower.”  T4T will aid in that empowerment, by providing ultra-low-cost computers directly to families with school-aged children who do not have a home computer and who can benefit from the use of Univision’s Clave al Éxito portal. This portal offers resources to help parents track their children’s academic progress, communicate with their teachers and better prepare for college.

T4T has provided over 25,000 refurbished computers to nonprofits and schools over the years, that in turn, provide these computers to their clients and students.  With the new “La Familia” initiative, T4T will now be able to provide low-cost computers directly to the children and families who do not have a computer in the home.  Aligning with the United Way’s “two-generational approach” toward community impact work, families who apply to the program will not only receive a computer, but also receive bi-lingual training and instruction with the child and the rest of the family unit on this computer.  Families will be trained by volunteers on basic internet skills, word processing, spreadsheets, and the use of the Clave al Éxito portal from Univision.

If you have an interest in volunteering as a trainer or family mentor, please visit our volunteer signup page here.