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EY is committed to giving back

The leadership team at EY wanted to highlight the importance of philanthropy and volunteerism and knew we would be the ideal partner to help establish their philanthropic identity.

Together, EY and UWGT developed a year-round engagement plan with some unique events and strategies to engage with employees throughout the year.

Here are a few examples:

EY Connect Day

Every year EY offices around the country participate in a day of service. This year, EY wanted this day to highlight their year-round partnership with UWGT by hosting a full-day event. More than 130 employees participated in a day of service that included a poverty simulation, creating packages of soup that will feed 16,000 people and engaged in a community conversation over lunch to discuss local issues and how they could get more involved.

Non-profit Board Development Program

EY is committed to developing strong leaders and is looking to UWGT to help them with that. This year we are piloting a non-profit board training series to equip EY staff become strong board members for nonprofits in our local community.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

EY has invited representatives from UWGT to be observers and informal advisors to the CSR Committee that will provide year-round guidance for their volunteering and philanthropy leadership.

Tocqueville Society

EY has the most Tocqueville members of any company in the Triangle. This is one example of how EY promotes deep involvement from their employees. EY Tocqueville members continue to be influential in shaping our local community. They are philanthropic leaders in their workplace and in the Triangle.