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Community Changers Forum

The Community Changers Forum is an opportunity for volunteers and campaign leaders to learn more about our work and get inspired, engaged and connected at the same time. Recently, we took the show on the road and had our first Community Changers Forum on Wheels. (A big thanks to Enterprise for providing those wheels.)Community Changers Forum2

The traveling tour allowed participants a firsthand look at some of the issues facing our community including food insecurity and homelessness and to learn about the partnerships and coalitions that United Way is developing to help solve these issues.

The tour visited three programs that focus on feeding, housing, and educating children. The first stop was the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Training Center to visit the Mobile Tastiness Machine, a food truck that delivers healthy and delicious meals where children are served for free. The participants were able to try the food from the food truck and also learned about urban farming.

The next stop was a partnership between YMCA and St. Augustine’s College where middle school children living in nearby distressed neighborhoods receive tutoring and translate the math and science they have learned in class to practical uses in a community garden.

The third stop was Project CATCH, Community Action Targeting Children who are Homeless. A partnership between Salvation Army of Wake County and PLM Families Together, the program works with 11 area homeless shelters and programs to ensure that they are able to correctly identify and address the specific needs of the children in their care.

The next Community Changers Forum will be A Celebration of You on November 13th and will include ongoing engagement opportunities.

Community Changers ForumOne of the participants had this to say about the tour:

“The Community Changers Forum on Wheels was terrific! The tour was both informative and motivating. It was a great way to bring those of us who run United Way campaigns in our companies to the heart of where our donations go. There are people out there in the communities making a positive impact and need our help to continue their programs. I appreciated stepping away from the computer and meeting the Community Changers. I am more geared up than ever to kick off our 2014 UW campaign and ultimately help do our part to make the world a better place. Thank you to everyone who put the forum together, lunch was great too! I look forward to the next tour.” 

Tonya Nease – Frontier Communications