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Uniting for Good

Campaign season is upon us but did you know that United Way of the Greater Triangle is evolving into so much more than a fundraiser? We are becoming a champion for real, positive and lasting change in our communities. We are engaging many partners to improve lives by addressing short-term needs and building long-term solutions through focused community investments. This framework represents a new direction for your United Way.

This year you will experience UWGT in a variety of new and innovative ways.

Community Conversations:
We’re doing a completely different kind of kickoff this year, we’re inviting you to participate!  If your company does a workplace  campaign, you will start hearing more about the “U-card” conversations.  If not, join in the conversation online.  Share your ideas about what make for an ideal Triangle area and how we might achieve your vision…together. We’ll tweet out some of the most engaging ideas and post pictures of your conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and online.

Get involved:
Join us in uniting for good at our volunteer events and keep the conversations going on social media because we recognize we cannot create change alone.  We are committed to mobilizing the caring power of our community; to fueling the innovative sprit of the Triangle that has helped this region grow.  We believe that together we can tackle the big issues facing our community and create a legacy of achievement for generations to come.