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Collect. Create. Feed.

Use your creativity to help feed our community at this year’s Day of Caring on September 26, 2014! This year’s project, Collect. Create. Feed., allows teams of three to five people to flex their creative muscle while donating thousands of pounds of food to those in need in our community.

“Collect. Create. Feed. is a fun event that anyone can participate in,” said Natasha Wayne, community engagement and special events manager. “The event follows a simple premise—collect non-perishable food, create a structure using that food, and donate it to a local food bank to feed people in our community.”

Anyone can gather a small team and register by September 2, 2014 to participate in this year’s build at Triangle Town Center on September 26, 2014. Teams don’t need any engineering or architectural knowledge to build—just a sense of creativity and a lot of food to make six feet tall structures!

Last year’s teams created lighthouses, maps of our state, and even a race car using collected canned goods, water bottles, and other non-perishables. This year’s theme, Harvest of North Carolina, will allow teams to explore the wide variety of items our state produces.

Collect. Create. Feed. is an exciting project with an important cause. All of the food used to make the structures is donated to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Last year, the teams collected over 12,500 pounds of food for our community. This year’s teams will have the opportunity to provide part of the 13,714,802 meals needed in our community this year.

Interested in participating? Check out the event regulations here and fill out an application here. Please contact Natasha Wayne at with any questions.