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The 3 Most Important Lessons I Have Learned in Life (Nonprofit Edition)

Life can be hard. However, as I grow, I am beginning to realize that no matter what the circumstances, life happens, and it gets easier. With all the bumps and twisty roads I have faced in my life, I believe that the not-for-profit world has taught me some ENORMOUS lessons not just about myself, but about the human spirit. So here it is — three of the most important lessons I have learned, with a nonprofit twist.

Lesson 1: Clean Your Room- One should always be prepared to start fresh. Sometimes the best rooms in the home are the ones with little to no clutter. So get rid of all the dead weight. If something is not worth your time, don’t wait until next season to get rid of the “extra stuff” — do it now. Remember your space is your sanctuary.

The nonprofit spin- Make a commitment to something new that will make a real difference and stick with it. At United Way, we are working on focusing more closely on the type of impact we want to make in our community within our three issue areas of financial stability, education, and health.  By learning from the past and “cleaning up our room” we have built on something that will be cleaner and even more focused than EVER before. Not only will this will help us to amplify our impact in the Triangle area, but also it will increase efficiency of funding and assist us in changing community conditions.

Lesson 2: Be Yourself – Never let anyone stop you from being you. You are great. You are wonderful. You are you!

The nonprofit spin- Every non-profit should know its assets and the value they bring to a partnership. At United Way of the Greater Triangle, we believe that every stakeholder, donor, and partner is an invaluable resource to the Triangle community. With these players at the table, we can work collaboratively to help create, scale, and sustain solutions in education, health, and financial stability.

Lesson 3: True friends are an ABSOLUTE MUST– True friends are hard to find no matter your age. These friends are the ones that will not only be there when the times are good, but also when times get hard. True friends are often the most reliable and most loyal.

The nonprofit spin- You need a team of go-to people. At United Way of the Greater Triangle, our staff, our volunteers, and our partners are compassionate, committed, and intentional individuals who assist in developing resources, programs, and systems to meet the needs of people in our community.