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2013 Community Impact Achievements

Earlier this year, we announced the results of our community impact work during 2013 and shared our vision for the future at a breakfast meeting in Cary. Audience members that included local executives and community leaders were invited to become engaged in the process to improve the Triangle.

“Community change is a true partnership and requires the support of businesses, universities, local government, individuals as well as many others,” said Mack Koonce, CEO and president of UWGT. “Innovation and collaboration are the hallmarks of our new direction and role in the community.  We are engaging intellectual capital, as well as volunteer and financial resources to help us solve issues as part of a collective impact model.”

The outcomes announced in the three focus areas of Education, Health and Financial Stability included over 17.5 million meals served to hungry children and individuals in 2013 exceeding the set goal of 13 million meals.  

Other examples include:

  • More than 2,300 families received child care services and referrals, just under the goal of 2,500.
  • Over 2,000 young people were prepared for success in the classroom; almost double the goal of 1,157.
  • Over 300 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieved their vocational aspirations; the goal was 192.
  • Over 4,200 people with substance abuse issues were treated and helped with their dependencies, just shy of the 4,255 goal.
  • The goal of assisting over 1,200 households that were in danger of losing their homes was nearly met with 1,195 households receiving prevention assistance.
  • More than 1,000 individuals found employment, surpassing the 970 goal.

A complete report of 2013 Measures and Outcomes is available here.

The breakfast also included a presentation on the previously announced results of the workplace giving campaign that represented the first increase in campaign giving since 2006.  As a result of this campaign increase, the Board of Directors has allocated a 10% increase to $5.8 million in community impact funding for 2014.  An additional $5.3 million will be distributed to donor–designated groups throughout 2014.

The 2013 President’s Award and 2013 Chairman’s Awards for Excellence were also presented.