The Beautiful Project

The Beautiful Project is a collective of image makers using photography, writing and reflective workshops to create spaces for Black women and girls to confront the mass misunderstanding, misrepresentation and misuse of their likeness in the media and in the world at large.

Our mission is to give voice and power, encouraging Black women and girls to participate in the conversations that so often are happening about them, without them. Durham, NC operates as the home and headquarters for our local and national image campaigns. Our organization partners with families and other organizations to boldly and unapologetically create images of Black girls and women just as they are, daring them and the world that engages them to see the many, varied ways every Black girl is indeed, beautiful.

Through photography, we are committed to capturing Black girls’ & women’s unique beauty and expressing it creatively through interviews and photographs.

Through writing and reflective workshops, we facilitate thoughtful exploration and identification of Black girls & women’s voices in order that they may confidently take their place in influencing & informing the culture on the truest iterations of their representation.

Through health & wellness practices, we create spaces dedicated to the care and self-discovery of the “worker”; Black women who give their time as photographers, writers, facilitators, and mentors.

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The Beautiful Project

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