A Bold Approach to Community Investment

More than funding individual programs, we are investing in collaborative partnerships. Changing Generations: Pathways to Progress for Families and Children (Changing Generations) is a two-generational approach that addresses the immediate needs of children and their families in vulnerable households while giving them the tools to succeed in the future—more than 80% of our funding supports this collaborative work.

One of the most exciting aspects of the two-generational approach is that many collaboratives have both funded and non-funded partners. Some are other nonprofits however, organizations like public school systems, city and county departments, a credit union and even a kids’ museum are part of the work in support of Changing Generations. Here is a list of these collaborative partners.

In September 2015, funding of the collaborative partnerships began. (We call them the “collaboratives” for short.) These collaboratives work to ensure the well-being of families by working toward early childhood and youth success, along with household stability.

This family-centric approach is a dramatically different way of working that makes sense. Consider this: If families can’t afford diapers, babies can’t go to daycare which means parents can’t work. Kids who are chronically hungry can’t concentrate in school. Parents without job skills have difficulty affording a home. These are a few of the many factors that go into any family’s health and well-being. We are working to ensure children are ready to learn and their family situations are stabilized so adults and kids begin to thrive together

And this new approach is working . . . new partnerships, new ideas, focus on family needs, and new solutions to improve social mobility and build a legacy of achievement. This is our United Way.

Hear about the power of collaboration from some of our partners.

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