Teaming for Technology

Teaming For Technology (T4T) is a program of United Way of the Greater Triangle that refurbishes used computer equipment to like-new condition and makes it available to North Carolina schools, students and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations at greatly reduced prices.

The goal of this program is to bridge the digital divide between those with technology and those without. It is a key component of the United Way’s two-generational focus that seeks to ensure that children and adults have the tools and skills necessary to succeed.

T4T is always in need of used hardware that we can refurbish and distribute to our network.  If you or your company has hardware to donate or even recycle, please click below. If you represent a nonprofit or school in North Carolina, and would like to apply for computers, please click below.
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Questions and answers about Teaming for Technology

Where is T4T located?

We’re almost directly across the street from the main United Way of the Greater Triangle location.  Our address is:

5151 McCrimmon Parkway, Suite 225
Morrisville, NC  27560

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How can I volunteer with T4T?

Teaming for Technology offers open volunteer windows each Friday from 1PM – 4PM.  Alternatively, if you’d like to volunteer another time or with a group, please contact Al Reynolds to setup the appointment, and get a briefing of what you may be doing during your volunteer experience.

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Is my organization eligible to receive a computer from T4T?

We’re able to offer our computers at an extremely low price because of the generosity of Microsoft with their Citizenship license program.  Because of these low prices, we’re required to only sell this particular hardware to schools and registered nonprofits.  However, we do sell Linux-based machines to the general public.

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What types of hardware do you accept?

Thank you for your interest in donating your computer equipment.  United Way’s Teaming for Technology can almost always use your equipment, even if it has little or no value to you!  What we can’t use, we responsibly recycle through an R2 certified e-cycler.  We pride ourselves in our participation in responsible e-cycling, and know that our donors appreciate this as well.

Here is a quick list of what we love to accept and can most use in our refurbishing program:

  • Desktop computers – any age
  • Laptop computers – any age
  • Laptop Bags/cases – good condition
  • Hard Drives – any type or size
  • Tablets – any device, any age
  • LCD (flatscreen) monitors/televisions – any size
  • Peripherals (i.e. mice, keyboards, hard drives, ram, USB flash drives, etc.)
  • Any Apple® products
  • Cellphones (working or not)
  • Old cables, cords, and wiring
  • Printers with new ink/toner cartridges only.
  • We do accept some software (please call first)

Here is list of what we cannot accept under any circumstances:

  • CRT (Older Television Style) monitors
  • Tube style televisions of any size
  • Household appliances
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How can I donate my computer?

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions here to donate your computer safely.

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Do you have any guidelines for donating to T4T?

Yes, we do!  Our recommendations are below.

  • To help your community technology program run efficiently, please adhere to the following donation guidelines. OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Fri 9:00am – 4:30pm. Please don’t leave equipment during off hours. Also, it is illegal to dump junk electronics at our door when no one is around.
  • NO PACKAGING: It takes time for us to break down boxes and throw out styrofoam. Please take all items out of their boxes and please leave only the equipment.
  • SUGGESTED DONATION: We appreciate a small $ donation per computer system. From the time we receive a computer to the time it leaves our hands to go to a nonprofit, school or family, we spend approximately $70 on it in time, upgrades, repairs, software, delivery costs, and storage rental.
  • RECYCLE DAMAGED MONITORS: We cannot accept CRT monitors that don’t properly work. Please recycle them if they are damaged.
  • DON’T FORGET THE POWER CORD: Power cords are not required with your donation, but they are a huge help! Please remember to bring power cords and all appropriate cords and cables with your donation.
  • WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SELL EQUIPMENT WE CAN NOT PLACE: Occasionally we receive items that the agencies we work with have no use for. Usually it is because the items are too specialized. We will make a reasonable effort to place all items we receive with a family, nonprofit or school, but in the event that we can not place them, we reserve the right to sell them, from which 100% of the proceeds go to support T4T.
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