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3rd Annual CEO Sleep Out Photo Gallery

On September 11, 2014, CEOs and community leaders from across the Triangle area took part in the third annual CEO Sleep Out.  The event which brings awareness to the issues of hunger, homelessness and poverty allows for business and community leaders to come together and have meaningful conversations about these issues.  Below are some images … read more

Community Changers Forum

The Community Changers Forum is an opportunity for volunteers and campaign leaders to learn more about our work and get inspired, engaged and connected at the same time. Recently, we took the show on the road and had our first Community Changers Forum on Wheels. (A big thanks to Enterprise for providing those wheels.)The traveling … read more

What is Summer Slide?

It’s not the fun slippery twisty slide that your kids gleefully enjoy over and over again at the pool but rather summer slide is a term for the common loss of learning or “brain drain” that happens during the summer months when students are not in school.As a parent of 6 and 9 year olds … read more

Social Innovation Challenge: Round One Judging

Missed our first post about the Social Innovation Challenge? Read it here first!As I mentioned in a recent post, after the website to submit applications opened, the community responded with a flurry of activity. When all was said and done 46 days later, we had 40 completed applications to read and evaluate.Round One judging was … read more

100,000 Kids, Hungry No More Social Innovation Challenge

If you follow the work of the United Way of the Greater Triangle, you probably have noticed a great deal about our Social Innovation Challenge recently. Though it’s been all over—especially on social media and its own website—you may still be wondering, what is this Social Innovation Challenge and why is UWGT doing it?The … read more

Day of Action 2014 Gallery

These photographs were all taken during our June 20th Day of Action where United Way of the Greater Triangle staff and 70 volunteers created 1000 weekend meal bags for children in need at four Durham elementary schools.Want to learn more about our Day of Action event? Read the blog entry here!

Day of Action 2014

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably noticed us talking about Day of Action recently. Many of you are probably wondering, what is Day of Action? Day of Action is an initiative that all United Ways worldwide participate in—it’s one of the days we go out and make a visible difference to improve … read more

A Bicycle Drive for StepUp Ministry

StepUp Ministry, as the name implies, believes in working side by side and only giving a hand up when needed, not a hand down. Like in the game of basketball, when your teammate falls on the ground and you go over and offer your arm so they can pull themselves up, StepUp is your teammate … read more

Food Truck Rodeo: Delicious Lunches for a Great Cause

On the second Wednesday of every month, United Way of the Greater Triangle brings together food trucks from across the Triangle area to 2000 Perimeter Park Drive for a rodeo. Each month features a variety of trucks highlighting some of the most interesting foods around. From spicy tacos and loaded mac-and-cheese to decadent crepes and … read more

The 3 Most Important Lessons I Have Learned in Life (Nonprofit Edition)

Life can be hard. However, as I grow, I am beginning to realize that no matter what the circumstances, life happens, and it gets easier. With all the bumps and twisty roads I have faced in my life, I believe that the not-for-profit world has taught me some ENORMOUS lessons not just about myself, but … read more


We are working with nonprofit and community partners as a network, helping to orchestrate coordinated action plans toward shared goals.

Investing in solutions and innovative approaches

We continue to focus on outcomes to address issues facing our community by supporting and investing in proven solutions as well as promising new approaches developed through collaboration and innovation.

Focusing our approach

We will meet today’s basic needs (food, housing, safety, and access to healthcare) and work to build sustainable solutions that will mean brighter futures for low-income families, children, and our community.

Our focus on basic needs and funding long-term solutions to specific issues to help families and children together represents the new direction of our United Way.

We cannot create change alone. We are committed to mobilizing the caring power of our community and dedicated to fueling the innovative spirit of the Triangle that has helped this region grow. We believe that together we can tackle the big issues facing our communities and create a legacy of achievement for generations to come.