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Our Community Impact system is a unique approach to identifying community needs and funding programs that target local issues to influence measurable, lasting change.

Nonprofit agencies are eligible to receive funds in two ways. During the annual fundraising campaign that usually occurs in the workplace:

  • Funds that are designated by donors to their favorite charities are invested as the donor has instructed. All that is required is that the organization operates as a 501 (c) 3 agency. There is a place on the United Way pledge form for donors to indicate the charity. There is a minimum $50 designation. Agencies do not have to be Partners to receive designated contributions.
  • Contributions that are made to United Way of the Greater Triangle by “Giving United” are invested by volunteers in agency programs and initiatives that meet the most urgent needs in Durham, Orange, Johnston, and Wake counties. These allocations are given to programs of Partner Agencies of United Way of the Greater Triangle. The allocations are for 12 month period (calendar year) and they are paid out in monthly installments.

Nonprofit organizations that are not Partner Agencies of United Way of the Greater Triangle may be eligible to submit proposals to address identified targeted needs. It is not possible to simply apply to be a Partner Agency, although agencies that receive program funds have taken the first step toward agency partnership.

Prior to receiving allocated funding through United Way of the Greater Triangle, agencies must also be certified. United Way of the Greater Triangle has established essential Standards of Accountability.  The certification application process occurs after the agency submits a funding proposal, however agencies may benefit by becoming aware of the essential certification requirements.

If your program is funded, the agency doesn’t become a Partner right away. For the first funding cycle, the agency has Affiliate Agency status. If the program is funded in the next funding cycle and continues to be certified, Partner Agency status is given.